About Us

We are a family run business based in Plymouth, providing specialist deep steam carpet cleaning services for both domestic and commercial markets:

Our company is always evolving as the needs of our customers change and new opportunities are created in the market. You can be assured that with Plymouth Carpet Cleaning you will enjoy the latest technology and developments in the industry. 

The Ultimate Cleaning Power for Professional Cleaning

The all new CFR ECO 500 at 500 psi (34.5 bar) and with its built-in 3000 Watt heat exchanger is the most powerful portable cleaning system on the market today.

CFR ECO 500The CFR Eco 500 is designed to deliver unsurpassed Carpet, Upholstery and Hard Surface Cleaning and Restoration. In essence it can clean virtually every surface in a building. The CFR ECO 500 will provide 500 pounds of pressure per square inch of deep cleaning power to produce superior cleaning results.


CFR’s fluid control technology enables the operator to thoroughly wash the carpet without over wetting. This unique fluid control system simply means that drying times are cut to a fraction of conventional machines. This technology along with a built-in 3000 Watt in-line heat exchanger will handle the toughest restoration and cleaning jobs.

The CFR ECO 500 recycles cleaning fluids through CFR’s patented filtration system. The cleaning solution enters the recycling chamber and the large debris is trapped in the stainless steel filter at the inlet. The solution is then passed through the low micron disposable secondary inlet filter.

The recycled solution enters the tank, passes through a disposable cartridge final filter and finally through an inline strainer for re-use. The efficient system actually allows one litre of water to do the work of seven on a conventional carpet cleaning machine.

Total Fluid Control Prevents Over Wetting

Continuous Flow Recycling virtually eliminates emptying and refilling in the middle of a job because the patented CFR filtration system cleans the recovered solution and recycles it up to seven times without loss of cleaning effectiveness therefore delivering Concentrated Cleaning Energy without Over wetting.

CFR’s CONTINUOUS FLOW RECYCLING TECHNOLOGY produces deep cleaning power, faster dry times and higher cleaning productivity. CFR ECO 500 recovers more than 92% of the cleaning solution cutting the drying times to a fraction of conventional machines.

If you’re looking for professional carpet cleaner in the Plymouth area and want expert, reliable and honest technicians to assist you in getting your home cleaner than ever before, then call us today on 07737 334540.